As part of my work with the Better Hobart Group, and as one of our ’10 Ways to a Better Hobart”, I’ve drawn up initial plans and created some visuals relating to a potential cantilevered Walk and Cycle Way over the existing partially covered Hobart Rivulet. When combined with the existing Hobart Rivulet Park, it could provide an unhindered car free route all the way from the Female Factory site to Harrington Street in the CBD, serving the entire South Hobart area. Forgotten parts of the City would be brought back into use, with economic potential for new uses to spring up along these new edges of activity, especially along the back of Liverpool Street. Importantly, it could also be used as an opportunity to Daylight an unattractive concrete cut into a thriving ecosystem, extending a green finger deep into the CBD.

Read about the scheme in its entirety by clicking here to take you to the Better Hobart page. Alternatively, if your interest in the Daylighting of Rivers, click here to take you to an interesting article in The Guardian which looks at the increasing worldwide movement of Daylighting.